Quick Modern Braces Friday, July 24, 2015

Orthodontics is important tool for the aesthetic dentist and in recent years, its popularity has returned big time! It provides patients who would normally opt out of long term orthodontics a real alternative to traditional fixed braces.

A study from Sweden indicates a number of cost-benefit advantages to treating patients with short term orthodontics in general dental practices, rather than through fixed appliances at specialist orthodontists. Improving smiles by minor alignment, bleaching and bonding, rather than aiming to achieve a perfect smile could be the more cost-effective choice and it could offer better long term stability.

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2015 National Smile Month Monday, June 15, 2015

The results of a pre-holiday survey released as part of this year’s ‘National Smile Month’ show we don’t forget our toothbrush after all! As we finalize our overseas holiday plans, it appears that it’s a toothbrush, along with sun-cream and a camera, that are the most important items that we take away with us!

The annual charity campaign, taking place this year from 18 May to 18 June, aims to bring home the importance of developing and maintaining good oral health habits. It is sponsored by Oral B, Wrigley and Invisalign.

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Did you know that adopting the simple dental hygiene habit of chewing sugar-free gum after every eating and drinking occasion is an essential and convenient way of looking after our oral health while on the go. Chewing sugar-free gum washes away food debris, helps to neutralises damaging plaque acids and remineralises tooth enamel by stimulating the flow of saliva which helps protect teeth throughout the day, helping to prevent dental erosion. Every year as a nation we spend millions of pounds on dental treatment that can often be prevented. By brushing twice a day, cutting down on sugary foods and drinks, visiting the dentist as often as they recommend and chewing sugar-free gum, we can help reduce the amount of invasive and expensive treatment we put ourselves through.

Dr Nigel Carter OBE
Chief Executive, British Dental Health Foundation

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