Foundation Training for Dentists Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Following the ‘Meet & Greet Day’ at City Hospital, dentist trainer Dr Shobhna Chauhan would like to welcome her new foundation training dentist Dr Sophie Nicholls who will join Asden House Dental Clinic on 1st September as part of the West Midlands Dentists Vocational Training Scheme.

Dr Nichols was asked why she chose dentistry to which she replied:
“I initially became interested in dentistry as I wanted to enter a medical field where I could help people, but also on a day to day basis use my hands and physically make a difference. I really loved the fact that I could build a relationship with families over the years and follow treatments all the way through from planning to completion, which is often not possible in other medical fields.”

We at Asden House Dental Clinic look forward to having Sophie as part of our team! Congratulations on achieving your BDS Sophie and welcome aboard!

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