Emergency treatment Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Accidents happen. A tooth that’s been bothering you on and off can suddenly collapse at any time. Whatever the reason, it’s an emergency and you need a dentist to help. As a caring dental practice with flexible and skilled dentists we can put you back together on the same day. Some practices do not consider the loss or fracture of a front tooth or crown as a dental emergency but we understand this to be truly distressful for you and will do our best to accommodate you as quick as possible.

Speak to our friendly receptionist on 0121 553 5683 and explain the problem. We offer an outstanding range of dental treatments including white fillings or composites, temporary crowns and good old fashion silver fillings on the same day.

Even if you are not an existing patient we will try to help. Our existing patients know that our daily emergency slots are 9am to 9.30 am and 2pm to 2.30pm. We will explain your dental charges before we start treatment.

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