My philosophy Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It is worth remembering that although I am advertising aesthetic dentistry, I am first and foremost a health care worker, a dentist; to that end patient consultations will always follow a holistic oral health analysis. Cosmetic dentistry can only be successful in the long term if the overall dental health is good and as such during my patient consultation the complete person, face, oral cavity and not simply the teeth are evaluated. I always strive for clinical excellence, ultimately aiming to secure not only the aesthetic result desired by the patient but also to secure their oral health for the future. The importance of long-term dental care is underlined and patients are motivated through education to fulfill their part in maintaining a healthy mouth. My desire is to provide patients with the smile that they desire in such a way that it will stand the test of time.

Dr Shobhna Chauhan BDS, MFGDP(UK), MA(Med Ethics & Law)

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