Less is more Saturday, December 31, 2011

Not only is quality cosmetic dentistry today biologically less costly, it is actually financially less costly too. This makes it so more accessible than ever before. The message is to preserve the natural teeth and avoid the need for false replacements, and it is with this principle in mind, that new orthodontic treatments, tooth whitening and adhesive treatments have come about.
Today many patients see a dentist not because they need to, but because they want to. However, elective dentistry must be done ethically with long term considerations for dental health care. Often the patient can be rather flippant when seeking an aesthetic solution for her smile in our era of instant gratification, so it is the duty of the dentist to remain professional in cosmetic treatment planning. Adhesive dentistry is now very reliable and it poses minimal the risk to the natural tooth. However, bonding composite is a skilful task so it does mean that the dentist has to have a good degree of artistic talent and technical knowledge. The cost of composite techniques is much less (because ceramic- technicians are not commissioned) so it is much more affordable for the patient. With fabulous results in the hands of an able dentist, the so-called A- list smiles are now affordable too ordinary people at very low prices with little or no damage to the teeth.

Clear removal braces can cost as little as £250 and be effective within as little as 6 weeks. Home tooth whitening kits can start as little as £200 with a guaranteed offered. Many white anterior fillings are less than £100.

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