Filling the gap Monday, April 11, 2011

Filling the gap
Bridges are a way of replacing missing teeth and can achieve an excellent aesthetic result. They are made of porcelain or a porcelain/metal combination that is fixed on to the adjacent tooth like cap or bonded to the tooth beside the gap using adhesive. They should act and feel like your natural teeth. Bridges will stain less and wear less than natural teeth but may chip or come off occasionally if subjected to abnormal stress such as grinding or using your teeth inappropriately. Some people grind their teeth at night and this may put too much stress on any restoration. You may be prescribed an acrylic night guard appliance to wear at night to protect your teeth. If prescribed it is important that you wear the appliance consistently otherwise restorations could fracture or be displaced. You should not be afraid to brush and use an interdental brush under your bridge as you would around natural teeth. It is particularly important that you clean underneath the bridging tooth as shown by your dentist as this will keep the gum healthy and avoid a build up of plaque in this area. Treated with respect, a bridge can last for many years and fill that unsightly gap in your mouth without the need for surgery.

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