‘Success Stories’ Monday, February 21, 2011

Many people have concerns about the appearance of their teeth and avoid smiling which is a shame since it is a scientific fact that muscles used to smile, release ‘happy- chemicals’ into your body that make you feel better.
In modern society, where first impressions count so much, having a confident smile is a huge advantage. Dr Shobhna Chauhan offers a range of solutions for cosmetic problems. Sometimes careful restoration of just one or just two teeth can transform a smile towards perfection. At other times, where more problems exist, a complete “Smile Design” using ceramic veneers or crowns is the answer.
Shobhna always makes sure that the shade; shape and size of your teeth are ‘natural-looking’ and are matched to your smile. She avoids the un-natural, bright white ‘American- shades’ and promotes the European shades that are fitting with the patient’s persona. The skill and dedication that Dr Chauhan has in collaboration with expert technicians ensures that you will receive treatment of the highest standard.
Why not visit the ‘success stories’ page to see some of her results.

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